How long should you nap for?

, by Jas Gill, 1 min reading time

Here's what we found out about napping - a rejuvenating practice that offers an energy boost and mental clarity for women. 

Napping is a rejuvenating practice that offers an energy boost and mental clarity. Some say it's a short “period of sleep during the day.

But how long should you nap? Let’s explore the ideal time for a good nap and how to maximize the benefits. 

First off, there are different types of naps based on factors like time spent napping and even the purpose of taking a nap.

Short naps (also known as power naps) last for 10-20 minutes and help boost energy, alertness, and cognitive function. It avoids deep sleep, reducing sleep inertia and grogginess when you wake up from one.

Medium-length naps are 30 minute naps that complete a sleep cycle, aid memory consolidation, creativity, and reduce fatigue. Some risk of sleep inertia and grogginess exists when we wake up because we enter deep sleep around this timeframe.

Longer naps are 60-90 minutes naps that encompass a full sleep cycle, offering beneficial restorative effects on memory, creativity, and well-being. However, they may result in sleep inertia and grogginess when you wake up.

What nap works for you?

This leads to a series of questions like how much time is available, what are you currently working on and personal preferences. Our advice is to try them all and gauge how you feel after you wake up. Remember to choose a power nap for a quick energy boost, a 30 minute nap to enhance creativity and a longer 60 to 90 minute nap for comprehensive rest and recovery.

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