About Inara

Inara, meaning "a ray of light", was born from the cherished memories of Jas & Shehara’s childhoods and a desire to share the secrets of a restful night's sleep with the world.

  • Jas spent his childhood summers in India, where his Grandmother helped him navigate the scorching Indian heat through the importance of breathable fabrics. Soft 100% Indian cotton ensured comfort and tranquillity during nights. No matter whether rain or sunshine, bright and bold colours were essential elements of wardrobes all year round.

    During these same summers Shehara was regularly travelling to Sri Lanka. There she embraced the wisdom of Ayurveda—a centuries-old holistic approach to well-being. Passed down through generations of her family, this ancient knowledge celebrated the healing power of natural remedies, incorporating them into daily routines. Lighting candles, essential oils, and embracing nature's bountiful offerings were treasured rituals that promoted a healthy, balanced life.

    20 years later during a first date in sunny London, Shehara excitedly praised Jas’s choice of a bright printed cotton shirt. After a few glasses of wine, Jas complained about his lack of sleep the previous few nights and Shehara excitedly shared the benefits of Ayurvedic sleep routines. Fast-forward many dinner dates and a beautiful wedding, Jas & Shehara embarked on a mission to bring together their individual extraordinary influences. Inara was crafted to honour the legacy of vibrant colours and the profound significance of quality sleep. Our goal from the outset has been to pair extreme comfort with colourful and bold shapes whilst also highlighting the importance of sleep.

  • Inara initially started with pyjama sets and has grown into various additional lines including robes, tops, eye masks and most recently Ayurveda products. Our unique hand-drawn mandala logo was inspired from traditional henna tattoos and all our prints were influenced by centuries-old Rajasthani block print processes. Guided by a passion for life, the brand takes inspiration from timeless Indian sub-continent culture and fusing it with a modern aesthetic – be it the traditional kaftan top or humble dressing gown – and transforms them into something truly remarkable.

    We pride ourselves on an ethically sourced and transparent supply chain. Remaining fiercely committed to supporting local charities, as well as collaborating with independent family-owned manufacturers in India.

    Our Facebook and Instagram pages @inara.loungewear provide more content on the design and production process of the range as a whole.

    Thank you for being a part of our story. Here's to beautiful, brighter prints and dream-filled restful sleep.


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